Client: Daniels Corportation

Daniels Corportation

The Bayview Real Estate team does its homework and understands the marketplace. They are experienced, ethical and well-regarded by developers and buyers throughout the Greater Toronto Area.

Client: Alice Leung

Alice Leung

When I decided to sell my home, it was important for me to find a realtor with knowledge and expertise and who would keep my best interest at the forefront. This is why I chose Maziar Ahanin.

My experience with Maziar has been nothing but amazing. I found Maziar to be very professional, extremely dedicated and he kept me informed throughout the process. Every resource I needed, Maziar always provided me with the best. Maziar was easily reached at the touch of my fingertips anytime of the day when I needed him. His years of knowledge and experience truly does make a difference.

My house was always advertised and his helpful advice is what got my house sold. Not only was he successful in selling my home, Maziar helped make this event relatively stress free.

A person who loves his job and goes through all the measures to please and accommodate the clients he serves. Maziar Ahanin is truly an amazing person and I have been so blessed to have met such an incredible person. A true gem.
I would not hesitate to use his services again and I highly recommend Maziar for all your real estate need.

-Alice Leung